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Frequently Asked Questions:
Do we need a licence?                                                   No.  We operate within the law
                                                                                           and, as the operators, we do not
                                                                                           take a percentage of the betting
Can anyone take part?                                                  Yes, but, we only allow persons
                                                                                           over the age of 18 to Bet or to
                                                                                           become “Owners”.
Will I need to supply                                                      Yes, we will need some large tables
Anything?                                                                          from which to sell the betting slips
                                                                                           and some help in the Tote to sell
                                                                                           the bets. Usually we need four
                                                                                           helpers but if you have a lot of people
                                                                                           coming then it is easier if we have 8.
Anything else?                                                                We require a 13a electric supply.
                                                                                           We bring all cables etc.
Do you run a Raffle?                                                       No. Usually, the organisers run
                                                                                           their own raffle. We assist with
                                                                                           the draw.
                                                                                           We also do our best to promote
                                                                                           your Raffle.
Can you supply Promotion                                           Yes. We can supply A4 size posters as
Posters?                                                                         well as A5 Posters and all the paperwork
                                                                                           that you will need.
How do we book a Race Night?                                    You fill in the details on the
                                                                                             CONTACT US” page. If we are free
                                                                                           on that night we will reply to you in
                                                                                           writing with a quote for our services. To
                                                                                           confirm the booking you will need to sign
                                                                                           and return a copy of our booking letter
                                                                                           together with a deposit.
Do we charge for people                                               Yes, it is not unusual for you to charge a
attending the event?                                                         door fee to help cover expenses. (Our
                                                                                           fees etc.)   We provide a printed
                                                                                           programme of the "Runners & Riders"
                                                                                           Some people also like to get "Sponsors" to
                                                                                           with our costs.
What if you, or we have to                                            If you cancel the booking less than
Cancel the event?                                                                one month prior to the event date
                                                                                            then you will forfeit your deposit.
                                                                                            In the event that we are unable to
                                                                                            attend on the agreed date due to
                                                                                            breakdown, illness etc. your
                                                                                            full deposit will be returned and we will
                                                                                            offer another date at half our usual fee.